SD (Elementary School)

Nurturing Strong Foundations

This stage of the education encompasses the next 6 years of our student’s education. In this stage, our students will be immersed in the academic curriculum to nurture their intelligence as well as their emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing. This will include programs that relate back to the curricular programs that we have decided for each of the year program to ensure that our students can actively progress through their education and nurture their passions through the programs.

Vision & Mission Of SD Mondial Batam

Vision :

  • To Teach, and serve as a bridge to a brighter future for our students

Mission :

  • To develop and nurture noble character of every school citizen;
  • To intensify the professionalism and creativity of all school members;
  • To develop students’ abilities in religion and information technology;
  • To give students the freedom to be creative in their work;
  • To create a disciplined, safe, orderly, clean, beautiful, green and conducive school environment; and
  • To foster excellence by participating in local, national and international competition.
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