We foster a spirit of international awareness and understanding within the whole school community, encouraging mutual respect by actively supporting internationalism and inter-culturalism and positively influencing the lives of our students.


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Admission Procedure

• Mondial School accepts applicants for PG (age 2 years) to Senior College (age 18 years).
•A registration form can be obtained at the Admission Office or can fill it directly from the website and must be fully completed.
• Selection is on “first come first served” basis and registration will be closed when full capacity has been reached.
• Children must be of appropriate age when applying (see details below). 


Age Eligibility (AY 2018 – 2019)

ClassAge Group
N1Jan – Dec 2017
N2Jan – Dec 2016
K1Jan – Dec 2015
K2Jan – Dec 2014


    Age Eligibility (AY 2018 – 2019)

ClassAge Group
Primary 1Jan – Dec 2013
Primary 2Jan – Dec 2012
Primary 3Jan – Dec 2011
Primary 4Jan – Dec 2010
Primary 5Jan – Dec 2009
Primary 6Jan – Dec 2008

Entrance Qualification

• Written Test: English and Mathematics
• Student Interview


   Age Eligibility (AY 2018 – 2019)

ClassAge Group
Secondary 1Jan – Dec 2007
Secondary 2Jan – Dec 2006
Secondary 3Jan – Dec 2005
Secondary 4Jan – Dec 2004

Entrance Qualification

• Written Test: English and Mathematics.
• Student Interview

Junior College

   Age Eligibility (AY 2018 – 2019)

ClassAge Group
Junior College 1Jan – Dec 2004
Junior College 2Jan – Dec 2003

Entrance Qualification

• Written Test: English, Mathematics and Science
• Student Interview
• Student applicants will be tested and/or interviewed (by appointment only). After evaluation, parents will be notified by Admission Office regarding the status of the application.

   A non-refundable Placement Test Fee is applicable:

Placement TestCurrency (RP)
Primary 1 – Seondary 4IDR 500.000
Junior CollegeIDR 1.000.000

• Upon notification of acceptance, parents are required to remit payment of the Development Fee (DF) to secure placement in a class. Development Fee is non-refundable.
• Students candidate will be considered as accepted at Raffles Christian School when he/she has fulfilled all academic & administrative requirements, and confirmation of payment from Finance Department has been received.

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