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If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our School so fast.

A Brief History of Sekolah Mondial

Batam, is so close to Singapore. Being a neighbor to Singapore, contributed a lot in inspiring Batam people of ethnic Chinese and Malay to clamor for quality education taught in Mandarin or English in addition to Bahasa Indonesia.

In 1994, globalization was a term that at that time was very popular throughout the world which meant that it was a process to unite activities and infrastructure between countries in the world politically, economically and education. Aside from the economic instability that is slowly penetrating into the economies of countries in the world, the idea of globalization reaches the country of Indonesia. The government began to stretch laws relating to education and allow the use of English language curricula in schools. Therefore, national curriculum licenses plus are given to schools that want to improve their school curriculum. In Jakarta ,many schools built with  National Plus Curriculum that gave insights and inspiration to the Filipina Teacher known as Ibu Irma Miclat  and the LPTK group to open a school in Batam with the same concept of a National plus curriculum. The operation is spearheaded by the operation team composed of Pak Ronny Halim, Pak Rahman Usman and Pak Johanis.

Initially, the school was named Sekolah Tahu Kedepan but after some deliberations, it was re-named Sekolah Mondial. In March 2003, a temporary registration office was set up inside a Mall in Batam Center. In its first year of operation, Sekolah Mondial has gained its reputable name and image as a bonafide educational institution and home to some 440 students who are native children of Batam, or are children of families who have migrated from the other neighboring islands and provinces of Indonesia and the children of expatriate families working in Batam.

In its second year of operation, a tremendous increase in enrollment, from 440 up to 1200 was amazing. The school building in Sei Panas , Batam Center can no longer accommodate its student population. Plans to transfer to a better place was in process but unfortunately, before the plans could materialize completely, a very heart – breaking incident happened.

On March 8, 2005 the students were forced to vacate the school building. It was indeed a miracle that the new building along Jl. Yos Sudarso was completed in two weeks time. A new set of teachers came in for the school year 2005 – 2006. A new chapter in the history of Sekolah Mondial unfolded.

Every year, enrollment increases by the hundreds because people would always believe that Sekolah Mondial is true to its mission – vision of producing future citizens who would be blessings to the world, especially to Indonesia.

The increasing enrollment had prompted the operational team to acquire  a land for a new school site that can accommodate thousands of students and committed to provide more conducive learning facilities for students. Year 2015, new building was built in Pasir Putih, Ocarina. New building, New school site and New and Innovative  Curriculum were happened, the new regulation from the Minister of Education, the school was granted the SPK (Satuan Pendidikan Kerjasama)  educational system which differentiate the international school from a school with international cooperation.

Education is becoming technology savvy. New studies in the education field are coming up with vital information about how learning takes places in a student. What we thought is the best way to learn is not the best way anymore. The younger generation has a lot many tools at hand that can facilitate learning in ways that were not possible earlier. At Sekolah Mondial we embraced technology. The school is currently looking at ways to expand and upgrade the use of technology, and we are also on the final phase of implementing a new educational system. We strive to use educational technology assist with the integration and implementation of the Pearson Edexcel Curriculum.

Sekolah Mondial National plus curriculum , now SPK  program have enjoyed a long and deserved high reputation for all-round academic attainment and this was proven by the many achievements of our students in school and outside school contests.

Development of Sekolah Mondial is continuous and inspired by the hopes and dreams that we could serve the best education and develop our students  in Mondial way… A Mind that Creates, a Will that Excels, A Heart that Cares, a Team that Wins and  an Institution that Lasts.

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